The 2023 Froid Research Farm Field Day is Thursday afternoon, June 22, from 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm, and includes talks on bees, peas, grasshoppers and more. Registration begins at 12:45 pm and 4 pesticide points are available for the day.

The Froid Research Farm is located 8 miles north of Culbertson on MT Highway 16. For more information, contact Beth Redlin at 406-433-2020.

The day includes a special Beekeeping 101 workshop to add honeybees to your farm and talks on native pollinators. Other talks look at grasshopper outbreaks, microbial treatments for pea seed; pea disease incidence; available water following a cover crop; cheatgrass management with fire, and more.

The day concludes with a free steak dinner at 5:30 pm sponsored by the Sheridan and Roosevelt County Conservation Districts. Other event sponsors include the Sheridan and Roosevelt County Extension offices, and the USDA-ARS Northern Plains Ag Research Lab in Sidney.

Tour Talks:
Grasshoppers - Dave Branson, Research Ecologist and PMRU Research Leader, USDA ARS Sidney, MT

Mammals and the regional spread of Russian Olive
Natalie West, Research Ecologist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT
Joshua Campbell, Research Ecologist /Pollination Specialist, USDA, ARS Sidney, MT

Water availability following a cover crop
Brett Allen, Research Agronomist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT

AMF/rhizobium treatments for pea seed
Sadiksya Dangi, Research Microbiologist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT
Rosalie Calderone, Post Doc, USDA ARS Sidney, MT

Fusarium and Aphanomyces root rot in field pea
Frankie Crutcher, Assistant Professor/Plant Pathologist, MSU Eastern Agricultural Research Center, Sidney, MT

Carbon sequestration under perennial grasses and an annual crop
Upendra Sainju, Research Soil Scientist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT

Using Fire to manage cheatgrass
Carissa Wonkka, Research Ecologist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT


Native bees and other pollinators in agriculture systems
Joshua Campbell, Research Ecologist/Pollination Specialist, USDA ARS Sidney, MT

Bee Keeping 101 - Getting Started / Varroa mites and other pests
Wendy Becker, Roosevelt County Extension Agent, Culbertson, MT
Shelly Mills, Valley County Extension Agent, Glasgow, MT

Interested in starting a honeybee colony on your farm? Learn how from Master Beekeepers!
Topics Include:
* what equipment is needed
* how to set up a hive and care for your honeybees
* how to identify pests and diseases and how to use IPM to treat infections

Froid Research Farm Field Day is sponsored by the Roosevelt and Sheridan Co. Conservation Districts, Montana State University Extensions and USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agriculture Research Laboratory - Sidney, MT

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