The Williston Noon Lions Club is proud to announce that its popular annual wreath fundraiser will be continuing for yet another holiday season. This merry endeavor not only makes your house seem more festive throughout the Christmas season but also makes a positive contribution to the overall improvement of the town.

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Call the number 701-774-3959 or send an email to to place an order for a wreath. The cost of each wreath is $25, and the money earned will go toward assisting a variety of community groups and agencies.

The earnings from this annual event have been significant in supporting important community activities, which is fitting given the attitude of generosity that permeates the event. Williston's Family Crisis Center, Upper Missouri Ministries Bible Camp, Bras For A Cause, Williston's Relay For Life, and the Aviation curriculum at Williston High School are just a few of the groups that have benefited from previous wreath sale proceeds. Hearts For Hospice and The Family Crisis Center in Williston are also among the recipients. You can see this ambitious group works hard to support these entities.

The Williston Noon Lions Club is doing its wreath fundraiser again, and if you take part in it, you will not only be able to purchase a beautiful wreath for your home, but you will also play an important part in promoting the expansion and betterment of the community. Because of your purchase, you are helping to continue a tradition of generosity that has impacted the lives of countless people, which makes the upcoming holiday season even more significant. Participate in the movement and start making a difference in your neighborhood right away!

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