A lot of people in North Dakota are proud to be from their home town, no matter how big or small. However, one thing that may not be unique is your town's name.

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Several towns in the Peace Garden State share their names with other towns across the nation.

Some towns have just one doppelganger, while the North Dakota town name that is most common in the nation dots the map 12 times.

Here are all the towns in North Dakota that share their moniker with other locals around the nation:

Fargo: Fargo, Arkansas; Fargo, Georgia; Fargo, North Dakota; Fargo, Oklahoma; Fargo, Tennessee; Fargo, Texas; Fargo, West Virginia

Minot: Minot, Maine; Minot, Massachusetts; Minot, North Dakota

Rugby: Rugby, North Dakota; Rugby, Tennessee; Rugby, Virginia

Harvey: Harvey, Illinois; Harvey, Louisiana; Harvey, North Dakota

Lisbon: Lisbon, Iowa; Lisbon, Maine; Lisbon, Maryland; Lisbon, New York; Lisbon, North Dakota; Lisbon, Ohio

Medina: Medina, Minnesota; Medina, North Dakota; Medina, Ohio; Medina, Tennessee; Medina, Texas

Grafton: Grafton, Illinois; Grafton, Massachusetts; Grafton, New Hampshire; Grafton, North Dakota; Grafton, Ohio; Grafton, Vermont; Grafton, West Virginia; Grafton, Wisconsin

Cooperstown: Cooperstown, New York; Cooperstown, North Dakota

Stanton: Stanton, California; Stanton, Iowa; Stanton, Kentucky; Stanton, Michigan; Stanton, Nebraska; Stanton, North Dakota; Stanton, Tennessee; Stanton, Texas

Linton: Linton, Indiana; Linton, North Dakota

Oakes: Oakes, North Dakota; Oakes, Oklahoma

Arthur: Arthur, Illinois; Arthur, Indiana; Arthur, Iowa; Arthur, Nebraska; Arthur, North Dakota

Napoleon: Napoleon, Indiana; Napoleon, Michigan; Napoleon, Missouri; Napoleon, North Dakota; Napoleon, Ohio

Washburn: Washburn, Illinois; Washburn, Maine; Washburn, Missouri; Washburn, North Dakota; Washburn, Tennessee; Washburn, Wisconsin

Larimore: Larimore, North Dakota; Larimore, Tennessee

Hazelton: Hazelton, Iowa; Hazelton, Kansas; Hazelton, North Dakota; Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Pembina: Pembina, North Dakota; Pembina, Virginia

Cavalier: Cavalier, North Dakota; Cavalier, Texas

Mayville: Mayville, Michigan; Mayville, New York; Mayville, North Dakota; Mayville, Wisconsin

Lisbon: Lisbon, Connecticut; Lisbon, Illinois; Lisbon, Indiana; Lisbon, Iowa; Lisbon, Louisiana; Lisbon, Maine; Lisbon, Maryland; Lisbon, New Hampshire; Lisbon, New York; Lisbon, North Dakota; Lisbon, Ohio; Lisbon, Wisconsin

Glenburn: Glenburn, Maine; Glenburn, North Dakota

Taylor: Taylor, Arizona; Taylor, Arkansas; Taylor, Louisiana; Taylor, Michigan; Taylor, Mississippi; Taylor, Nebraska; Taylor, North Dakota; Taylor, Pennsylvania; Taylor, Texas

Leeds: Leeds, Alabama; Leeds, Maine; Leeds, Massachusetts; Leeds, North Dakota; Leeds, Utah

Rolla: Rolla, Kansas; Rolla, Missouri; Rolla, North Dakota

Beach: Beach, Georgia; Beach, North Dakota

Mott: Mott, North Dakota; Mott, Texas

Des Lacs: Des Lacs, North Dakota; Des Lacs, Wisconsin

Hettinger: Hettinger, North Dakota; Hettinger, South Dakota

Lignite: Lignite, Montana; Lignite, North Dakota

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