Ah, America, where we're as competitive about our brains as we are about our sports teams. But hey, every family has its own class clown, right? Roadsnacks did the heavy lifting and put together their findings for 2024.

So, let's shine a light on the states where the academic accolades might be a little dimmer:

10. Tennessee: Sure, they've got a mean barbecue game, but their SAT scores might need a sprinkle of seasoning.

9. Texas: Big hats, big hearts, and maybe just a slightly smaller stack of textbooks?

8. Kentucky: Bourbon enthusiasts unite! But maybe leave the calculus to the pros.

7. West Virginia: With those rolling hills, it's easy to get lost in the scenery and maybe miss a few history lessons along the way.

6. Louisiana: Mardi Gras masters, jazz aficionados, and, well, maybe not quite Nobel laureates in waiting.

5. Alabama: Sweet home, where the skies are blue, the hospitality is warm, and the math equations might have a few extra variables.

4. New Mexico: Land of enchantment indeed, but maybe not where you'd go to find a spelling bee champion.

3. Arkansas: The home of Bill Clinton, Walmart, and perhaps a few too many missed grammar lessons.

2. Mississippi: A state steeped in history and culture, but maybe not leading the pack in the SAT race.

1. Nevada: And the winner of the "dumbest" state title goes to... Nevada! Maybe all those distractions on the Strip have been more captivating than the classroom.

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I mentioned North Dakota in the title of this article. All the states are on the list, but I am proud to say our region scored well. Here is where you can thank your teachers for all their hard work!

  • 43rd: Montana
  • 48th: Minnesota
  • 31st: North Dakota and South Dakota (Tied)

But hey, before we start declaring a national brain drain, remember that intelligence comes in many forms. So, whether you're acing calculus or acing the perfect burger flip, here's to celebrating the beautiful diversity of American smarts, no matter where you fall on the academic spectrum!

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