Greetings, Governor Noem, you festering piece of garbage,

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You chose to brag about shooting a young puppy in your new book.  Not because it was injured and medical intervention was not a possibility, not because you wanted to end the suffering of a poor animal, but because it wasn't as obedient as you wanted as a hunting dog.

You didn't look to pay for obedience school (you're not above using your power to help those close to you), look to rehome it (you apparently have no qualms about upending a family), or, hell, you could have even left it on the side of the road.

Instead, you took this 14-month-old puppy, killed it, and heartlessly disposed of it in a gravel pit.

The biggest red flag about someone that can arise about someone is how they treat animals, and for you, that flag is dripping red with the blood you spilled and the blood that is still on your hands.

The senseless act of killing an innocent puppy is not only reprehensible but also reflects a level of moral bankruptcy that is truly unfathomable.

An innocent, helpless being, full of love and innocence, is a sobering reminder of how low some people (you included) can go in terms of brutality.

A dog encapsulates everything that is good and innocent in this world. Their antics are always a source of delight and warmth, and their loyalty is unfaltering. They love without conditions. Because we are their guardians and suppliers, they have complete faith in people. Inflicting damage upon them betrays that confidence in the most horrific way. Having said that, you are far from a steadfast loyalist.

Destroying a puppy's life not only ends its wonderful existence but also breaks the hearts of those who loved and cared for it, which apparently didn't include you. Those who knew and loved the innocent victim will never recover from the incalculable anguish and loss caused by this senseless act. In other words, you're a monster.

Further, murdering a puppy reveals a lot about the killer's morals—or lack thereof. Big emphasis on the latter half of the statement. Whoever looks into a puppy's innocent eyes and chooses to kill it must be cold-hearted and evil. An utter callousness for life and an unfathomable callousness toward the pain of others are on full display in such deeds.

Any instance of brutality or aggression against animals, especially defenseless puppies, deserves our utmost condemnation. In reality, we are hearing criticism from people on the far right and far left of the political spectrum.

Any animals that you still have should be surrendered, you do not deserve the light they bring into the world to shine upon you.  Even more so, they deserve a hell of a lot better than you.

I truly hope you get every drop of karma that comes your way.

You, Governor Noem, know what they say about karma, because it takes one to know one.

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