Williston, ND (KEYZ) The City of Williston and Bethel Lutheran Nursing and Rehabilitation Center¹ are officially partnering to bring a new skilled and basic care facility to Williston Square.

News Radio caught up with Williston Mayor Howard Klug who outlined the agreement, announced through a release Wednesday, for Bethel to purchase an 18.88-acre parcel located within the Williston Square Subdivision.

Projected Williston Square Map / Williston Economic Development
Projected Williston Square Map / Williston Economic Development

"They did pay for the land, but the other improvements [roads, water, sewer] that are going to go in there will not be assessed to Bethel," said Klug.  "It was all part of the land price, and it's another way of the City of Williston saying 'Hey, we respect the seniors.  We want them to have something nice here in the City of Williston.  Bethel Foundation, you've been doing a great job.' So, we are truly in partnership with Bethel Home on this project."

Klug added that with the arrival of Sanford Health's multi-specialty clinic and hopefully dedicated senior housing in the future, the needs of our Golden Age population will be met seamlessly living in Williston Square.

President of the Bethel Board of Directors Aaron Schmit was equally effusive of this first step to erect new brick and mortar for their residents, a step two years in the making.

“We are very excited to move forward with the building of a new facility.  Bethel is committed to providing high quality care in Williston," said Schmit in Wednesday's release.  "A new modern and homelike facility will allow Bethel to better serve our residents and their families, our employees, and our region, for future generations. We would like to thank the greater Williston community, our employees, our member churches, and the residents and their families we have served for 70 years of support.”

Plans for the new skilled and basic care facility at Williston Square are currently in the design phase.  A timeline for groundbreaking has yet to be announced.

¹Incorporated in 1948 as a non-profit organization, Bethel is owned by 25 Lutheran Churches in the Williston region. Bethel has been providing care at its current location for over 70 years. Bethel exists for the primary purpose of providing Christian Care in its truest meaning - ministering to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each person, not merely as a professional service, but as a work of love and mercy.  (Source: Release / Williston Economic Development)

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