With the weather as nice as it has been, who has even thought of snowplows? The North Dakota Department of Transportation has just wrapped up its 3rd annual Name a plow contest. According to Newswires, it was another successful campaign, and the winning names are pretty unique! Sit down, and get ready to have a good laugh with NDDOT!

Williston District:

  • Alice Scooper

Minot District:

  • Buzz Iceclear

Devils Lake District:

  • Polar Patroler

Grand Forks District:

  • Blizzard of OZ

Fargo District:

  • Sno’ Problem

Valley City District: Drift Busters

Bismarck District: Brrrrrnie

Dickinson District: Cousin Eddie

As I said, this is the 3rd annual event. I thought it might also be fun to include winners from the past. This information came from the NDDOT website.

2022 NDDOT Name-A-Plow Contest winners:

  • Bismarck District: Plowabunga
  • Devils Lake District: Scoop Dogg
  • Dickinson District: Big Leplowski
  • Fargo District: Plow Force One
  • Grand Forks District: Austin Plowers
  • Minot District: CtrlSaltDelete
  • Valley City District: Sleetwood Mac
  • Williston District: Blizzard Buster

2021 NDDOT Name-A-Plow Contest winners:

  • Bismarck District: Darth Blader
  • Devils Lake District: Blizzard Wizard
  • Dickinson District: Plowasaurus Rex
  • Fargo District: Below Zero Hero
  • Grand Forks District: Storming Norman
  • Minot District: Truck Norris
  • Valley City District: Orange Thunder
  • Williston District: Plowzilla

As winter rolls in, and the plows hit the roads with their quirky identities, the Name-A-Plow contest is a testament to the NDDOT's ability to blend functionality with a touch of whimsy. It not only ensures that the public remains aware of the department's winter preparedness but also provides a reason for residents to share a collective laugh during the colder months. In the end, the contest goes beyond just naming plows; it creates a sense of community, shared humor, and a positive outlook on the challenges that winter may bring.

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