I enjoyed getting away for a few days during the Thanksgiving break, napping rejuvenatingly, and reading a ton of interesting stuff. While I was idling about, I happened to come across the highly awaited Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans for 2023. Unfortunately, my name did not appear in the coveted list this year, but what really surprised me was the number of billionaires in Montana and Minnesota, with North Dakota notably missing.


In an effort to make up for this, let's highlight the wealthy elite of North Dakota, as reported by Media Source.

  • Josh Duhamel - Net Worth $18 Million
  • Angie Dickinson - Net Worth $30 Million
  • Wiz Khalifa - Net Worth $70 Million
  • Ron Offut - Net Worth $500 Million
  • Gary Tharaldson - Net Worth $1.2 Billion

I thought it was interesting that Governor Doug Bergum did not make the Forbes list. To be fair, they listed 400 billionaires...and it the list ended at 395. If you're remotely curious, Independent listed Bergum's net worth at 1.1 Billion. That's nothing to sneeze at either!

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center

While our fair state may not be synonymous with billionaire creation, it undeniably boasts a cohort of prosperous and accomplished individuals spanning diverse sectors. Ranging from the realms of entertainment with Josh Duhamel, to the agricultural domain led by Ron Offut, and the entrepreneurial prowess exemplified by Gary Tharaldson, these five luminaries collectively embody the multifaceted and thriving economy of this Midwestern haven.


Their success stories not only underscore North Dakota's economic vibrancy but also serve as a testament to the potential impact of North Dakotans on global industries. These remarkable personalities stand as living proof that aspiring youth from the region can dare to dream, pursue their passions, and emerge triumphant. Their narratives resonate with inspiration, reinforcing the timeless adage: always believe in yourself, for it is the inaugural stride toward achieving success.

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