Update 12/09:  In talking with KEYZ, Mom's for Liberty has refuted the previous report they they are involved with the newest recall effort of members of Williston Basin District 7 board members.  That inclusion of the group was made by recall organizer Dennis Nehring which can be heard here:

Nehring was not available for comment at time for update.

Previous Reporting

The newest effort for recall looks to remove 6 of the 7 sitting board members, leaving only Chris Walstad outside if the group's scope.

The meeting, led by Dennis Nehring, and being supported by the two conservative organizations, Mom's for Liberty and Sons of Liberty, will serve as an open forum to gather support for recall efforts.

Members that will be the target of the recall are President Chris Jundt, Vice-President Kyle Renner, John Kasmer, Cory Swint, Heather Wheeler, and Sarah Williams

The meeting will take place at Eagle Ridge on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00PM.

If you're not familiar with any of the entities in question we have you covered.

Moms for Liberty: 

An organization that some consider to be Astroturf, a group that claims to be grassroots but is actually a nation wide organization. In the case of Mom's for Liberty, it has formed three federal political action committees, one of which is a SuperPAC able to accept unlimited donations, as well as able to spend the dark money without having to report where the money came from or where it is being funneled. In recent months, members of Moms for Liberty across the nation have shown up in droves to school board meetings, organized, prepared, and in groups to push their values into school syllabi.

Sons for Liberty:

A burgeoning group within North Dakota has found homes in deep red communities across that state. Son's of Liberty touts itself as patriotic activism, a voice of opposition in the state, and a watch dog for those in power. In recent elections in Williams County, it has also acted as a political machine sending it's backed candidates to the state capital.  Earlier this year, the organization urged county commissioners to sign a proclamation making Williams County a sanctuary county that would protect gun rights from federal or state overreach.  The motion, which was seen as little more than symbolic by Assistant State’s Attorney Karen Prout was ultimately voted down by county commissioners 3-2.

Williston Basin District 7 School Board:

The board has had a tumultuous last year and a half overseeing the newly formed District 7, and pressure an challenges from the outside are nothing new. The new district stated off with a very contentious negotiation with the Williston Education Association that was saved from the jaws of impasse at the 11th hour. Previously in the year, the muddied departure of former Superintendent Jeffrey Thake ended with accusations of breaking closed meeting laws, and a bungled investigation by the Bureau of Criminal affairs which was unceremoniously curtailed by late Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Shortly thereafter a local organization pushed to initiate an audit of the district after speculation of unaccounted for millions of dollars, which resulted in the resignation of the business manager. This is not even the first recall the board has had to contend with, as separate group failed at recalling board president Chris Jundt after using false pretenses to subvert its actual rational.

KEYZ will be in attendance at the meeting on Wednesday and will bring you the latest on this story as it develops.

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