A survivor of human trafficking recently visited Williston State College and shared her experience with the instructors, staff, and students there.

Since January is designated as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, efforts are being made to protect and empower victims of all types of trafficking, to hold traffickers accountable, and to put a stop to the practice both domestically and abroad.

Krissi Moore, a case manager and human trafficking outreach coordinator for the Williston Family Crisis Shelter, spoke about how she was kidnapped in 2009 from her small Minnesota community, which set off a nine-year fight as she was trafficked throughout the globe. She described the psychological and physical abuse she suffered as well as her escape.

Looking back, Moore explained to the audience how she should have seen the warning indications that she was being sought out to be trafficked. She also provided detailed instructions on how to be vigilant and protect oneself from such a circumstance occurring to them.

“My driven purpose is to help men, woman, and children to be safe, feel safe, and to allow them room to heal, as I help them in their case planning. I am hoping that my story will be an impact, and I am able to connect with others to support them by empowering them with resources, referrals, and applications so they can thrive through life as I have,” said Moore.

All victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking are given safe shelter, advocacy, counseling, referrals, and support by the Williston Family Crisis Shelter. It's primary goal is to help the past victims and avoid creating new victims in the future. When asked how our community can help the Family Crisis Shelter, Moore said, “Moving forward I would ask for any drives to help with such things as pajamas, slippers, and socks. Also, hygiene products are always in demand.”

If interested in knowing more about the Williston Family Crisis Center, please contact Krissi Moore, Human Trafficking Outreach Coordinator/ Case Manager at 701.572.0757, email at fcs.advocate@hotmail.com or their website at http://www.familycrisisshelter.com/.

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