I was shopping last week in Williston and stumbled on something I didn't even know existed. While looking for a watch band, I went through all the ones you would expect. Leather, metal, silicone...even ostrich and alligator. When I was told anything I wanted would need to be ordered, and that I need to look for everything available in 20cm for my watch, I paged through the entire catalog. What I found next blew my mind! Did you know they have vegan watch bands? They do indeed, and that's what they were called in the catalog. Vegan watch bands. These particular ones were made from apple skin!

Apple Skin Watch Band

Apple skin watch bands are an innovative and eco-friendly option to other materials. The first step is to get apple peels from places that process fruit. This cuts down on waste in the food business. The peels are cleaned and processed to get the cellulose fibers out. The cellulose fibers are then mixed with other natural materials to make them stronger and more flexible. Using a variety of advanced techniques, the material made from apple skin is turned into a soft, smooth fabric that is easy to wear. This eco-friendly method not only gives the product a unique feel and look but also raises awareness of the environment by putting organic waste to good use. Based on reviews online, it feels like leather, remains flexible, and is not cracking or flaking. Cool, right?

I am not knocking this at all. I just think it's really cool to see how things have advanced to come up with all this stuff. Vegan clothing began in the 1940s and 1950s with a few pioneers investigating alternatives to leather, fur, and wool. They tried synthetic and plant-based replacements. Vegan clothing brands grew as designers and manufacturers became more concerned about animal rights and environmental living. Vegan apparel is a thriving sector that offers many attractive and cruelty-free solutions for ethical shoppers.

So, now you have something to think about when you have to replace a belt, shirt, or even a watch band.

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