In a proactive step towards enhancing the safety of its transportation network, the City of Williston is inviting 10 community members to participate in a crucial focus group centered around infrastructure safety. This initiative is a key component of the comprehensive Infrastructure Safety Action Plan, a collaborative effort supported by funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and executed with the expertise of SRF Consulting and Interstate Engineering.

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The Infrastructure Safety Action Plan is a strategic amalgamation of crash data, transportation insights, and community feedback. By synthesizing these diverse sources of information, the plan aims to identify and prioritize transportation infrastructure projects that effectively address safety challenges for individuals traversing the Williston area. Additionally, it seeks to bolster future funding opportunities dedicated to safety projects.
16th Ave W/26th St.

The upcoming focus group is part of a series dedicated to directly engaging citizens and understanding their concerns. The valuable input garnered from these sessions will be integrated with crash and safety data, community statistics, and further analyses to formulate project priorities during the planning phase.
MAin Street/Bike Path

Notably, the plan is designed with a specific emphasis on identifying and eradicating fatalities and serious injuries resulting from vehicle crashes, encompassing pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and drivers. The overarching objective is to concentrate efforts on communities most impacted by traffic-related injuries and fatalities, prioritizing safety enhancements for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other underserved segments of the city's population.
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The plan's scope extends across all transportation systems, including roads, sidewalks, and trails within the city limits. Anticipated for completion in the spring of 2024, the plan reflects a comprehensive commitment to elevating safety standards for all users of Williston's transportation infrastructure.

For those interested in participating in the focus group, a session will be held in person at 2 pm on December 20th. To express interest, you can email, and specific location details will be provided.

For further details on this initiative, you can reach out to Mitch Melberg, Communications Director, at 701.713.3800 or Your contribution to this community-driven effort is crucial in shaping a safer and more secure transportation landscape for Williston.

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