The Williston Area Chamber of Commerce is set to facilitate a pivotal event for community engagement – a candidate forum scheduled for Tuesday, May 21 at 5:30 pm.

Key Candidates Forum: Addressing Vital Issues in Williston & Williams County

This informative session will take place at the Williams County Commission room, located at 206 West Broadway in Williston. Candidates vying for positions in District House 2, District Senate 2, Williams County Commission, Williston City Commission, Williston Park Board, and Williston School Board have all been extended invitations to participate. This forum presents an invaluable opportunity for all of us to familiarize ourselves with the individuals seeking to represent their interests in various governmental bodies.

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Engage with Community Leaders and Shape Our Future Together

Attendees will have the chance to hear directly from the candidates as they discuss their platforms, priorities, and visions for the community's future. Moreover, community members are encouraged to actively engage in the democratic process by submitting questions for the candidates here.

Engage with Candidates for Informed Decision Making

This is a great avenue because it enables us as residents to voice our concerns, seek clarification on important issues, and gain insight into each candidate's stance on matters pertinent to the region's development and well-being. It also provides clarity when it comes to making your choices on election day.

Chamber Forum Promotes Transparency and Accountability

In promoting transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making, the candidate forum underscores the Chamber's commitment to facilitating civic participation and empowering constituents. By fostering dialogue between candidates and residents, this event serves as a cornerstone of democratic governance, reinforcing the vital link between elected officials and the communities they serve.

If you are unable to attend in person, we will have the forum from start to finish on 660 KEYZ news radio.

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