It's always fun to showcase our area. It's even better to acknowledge accomplishments when a local group or organization competes on a national stage.

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Studio 89 Dance Company has once again demonstrated its exceptional talent and dedication with an impressive performance at the National Competition in Duluth, Minnesota. Competing in the Shining Star (Advanced) division, our dancers showcased their hard work and passion, earning top honors across multiple categories. Here’s a look at the remarkable achievements and highlights from this year’s competition.

Overall Achievements

Petite Solo

  • 1st Overall: Wear ‘Em Out (Baila)

Junior Line

  • 1st Overall: Audition Day

Junior Duo/Trio

  • 3rd Overall: Wish That You Were Here (Kaylee & Kylee)
  • 7th Overall: Smile (Quinn & Hadley)

Junior Large Group

  • 1st Overall: As the World Caves In (Teens)
  • 2nd Overall: Heal (Teens)
  • 3rd Overall: Born for This (Teens)

Junior Solo

  • 1st Overall: I Dreamed a Dream (Taylor)
  • 8th Overall: Cherry Blossom (Demi)
  • 12th Overall: End of Love (Kylee)
  • 13th Overall: Conga (Gemma)
  • 15th Overall: Piece by Piece (Hadley)

Junior Small Group

  • 1st Overall: Can’t Catch Me Now (Teen select)
  • 4th Overall: Once Upon Another Time (Juniors)

Teen Solo

  • 11th Overall: Bang Bang (Emy)
  • 12th Overall: Send in the Clowns (Avery)

Senior Solo

  • 7th Overall: Medicine (Rita)
  • 8th Overall: Je Suis Malade (Solveig)
  • 11th Overall: Cringe (Bonny)
  • 14th Overall: One Beautiful Evening (Addisyn)

Senior Small Group

  • 1st Overall: Sign of the Times (Senior Elites)

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Special Awards

Category Winners

  • Wear ‘Em Out (Baila)
  • Wish That You Were Here (Kaylee & Kylee)
  • Born for This (Teens)
  • Heal (Teens)
  • I Dreamed a Dream (Taylor)
  • Can’t Catch Me Now (Teen Select)
  • Destinations (Juniors)
  • Medicine (Rita)
  • Telephone (Senior Elites)

Judges Choice Awards

  • Angel By The Wings (Kania)
  • Mr. Sandman (Kenzlee)
  • Once Upon Another Time (Juniors)
  • JLO (Production)
  • One Beautiful Evening (Addisyn)
  • Mein Herr (Senior Elites)

Performance Awards

  • We’re Going to be Friends (Jessa & Gia)
  • Le Freak (Demi & Olivia W)
  • Wherever You Will Go (Kesli)

Showstopper Awards

  • Piece by Piece (Hadley)
  • Je Suis Malade (Solveig)
  • Nothingness (Isla)

Choreography Awards

  • Heal (Teens)
  • Destinations (Juniors)
  • Bang Bang (Emy)
  • Sign of the Times (Senior Elites)

Audition Scholarship Winners

  • Gemma Osborn
  • Demi Ybarra

Routines that Made it to Finals

  • As the World Caves In (Teens)
  • Can’t Catch Me Now (Teen Select)
  • Dracula (Kylee- Dancer of the Year top 5)
  • Fade (Teen/Senior/Senior Elite)
  • Sign of the Times (Senior Elite)

Improv Competition

  • 1st in Senior Category: Solveig Lovgren
  • 2nd in Junior Category: Olivia Agre
  • Top 5 in Junior Category: Gemma Osborn

Adjudication Highlights

Their routines earned numerous high awards, including multiple Platinum and Diamond rankings, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of our dancers:

  • Wear ‘Em Out (Baila): Platinum
  • Smile (Quinn & Hadley): Platinum
  • Wish That You Were Here (Kaylee & Kylee): Diamond
  • As the World Caves In (Teens): Diamond
  • I Dreamed a Dream (Taylor): Diamond
  • Can’t Catch Me Now (Teen Select): Diamond
  • Fade (Teen/Senior/Senior Elite): Diamond
  • Sign of the Times (Senior Elites): Diamond

The competition was fierce, but the commitment and skill of Studio 89 Dance Company shone brightly. Every dancer brought their best to the stage, and their hard work was recognized with top honors and special awards.

Congratulations to all the dancers, choreographers, and coaches for an outstanding showing at the National Competition in Duluth, Minnesota! Your dedication, talent, and passion continue to inspire and impress. Here’s to more success and many more outstanding performances in the future!

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