If you had to take guess which county in North Dakota boasts the highest number of residents who keep firearms in their homes, your initial thought might not lead you to the most populous county in the Peace Garden State. Surprisingly, Cass County, the most densely populated county in North Dakota, takes the crown when it comes to firearm ownership.

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City Data recently compiled a list of the 101 most heavily armed counties in the United States, and North Dakota made a noteworthy appearance with three counties from the region making the cut. Claiming the 43rd spot on this list, Cass County stands out as the North Dakota county with the highest per capita availability of firearms.

Which county in North Dakota has the highest firearm ownership per capita rate?

Cass County, situated in our beautiful state of North Dakota, is home to a staggering number of firearms. Approximately 40% of householders in this county proudly keep firearms within their homes. As of the 2021 census, the county's population was estimated at around 123,138 people. Within Cass County, you'll find notable cities like Fargo, Horace, and Casselton.

Counties in the Area that Carry a Lot of Weapons

Notably, some neighboring counties in our region also earn their place on City Data's list of the most armed counties in the United States. Yellowstone County in Montana and Pennington County in South Dakota, both in close proximity to North Dakota, join the ranks of counties where residents take their Second Amendment rights seriously, ensuring that firearms play a significant role in their households.

As we look at these statistics, it's clear that the people of North Dakota, along with their neighbors, hold their rights and values close to their hearts. While firearm ownership may be a hot-button issue in many places, it is a long-standing tradition and a deeply rooted part of life in this corner of the Midwest. The residents of Cass County and the surrounding areas continue to embrace their rights and uphold their values, making them an interesting and notable part of the American landscape.

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