The agricultural community is gearing up for the 71st annual National Hard Spring Wheat Show, scheduled for February 1. This event promises a wealth of knowledge with a lineup of experts delving into crucial issues impacting the grain industry.

Attendees can expect comprehensive discussions led by specialists covering a range of topics, including soil fertility, weed control, weather patterns, marketing strategies, and various wheat varieties. The diverse programming aims to provide valuable insights and solutions for those involved in the grain sector, fostering informed decision-making.

Who will present at this year's show? The list is quite extensive again this year!
Dr. Sam Funk
Dr. Brian Jenks
Charlie Lim
Dr. Frayne Olson

The list of presenters continues with this well-rounded group of knowledgeable people in the agriculture industry.
Daryl Ritchison
Tim Sullivan
Andrew Thostenson
Tom Wolf

An exciting highlight of this year's event is the annual bread fair, now in its 41st iteration. In conjunction with the wheat show, the bread fair offers a unique opportunity for over 1500 area 5th graders to immerse themselves in the art of bread-making. Participants will learn the intricacies of crafting bread, from mixing ingredients to the final bake. The hands-on experience allows these young learners to take home their freshly baked loaves and share the joy of their culinary creations with their families.

The National Hard Spring Wheat Show and the accompanying bread fair not only serve as platforms for education and information exchange but also contribute to the community by fostering a deeper connection between agriculture and the next generation. As we anticipate this enriching event, the agricultural community eagerly awaits the valuable insights and experiences that will unfold on February 1.

The event will be held at the Grand Williston Hotel. You can register for the meal HERE. Payment will be collected at the door.

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