In the last couple of days, we have crisscrossed the state on our longest highways. 85 is the longest going north to south and 200 is the longest going east and west. Now we need to find the shortest highway in the state.


Back in March, the state legislature designated Highway 91 as North Dakota's shortest highway. Just how short is our shortest highway? It's only about a quarter-mile long and it connects U.S. Highway 52 and State Highway 3 on the west side of Harvey (ND). To put it into perspective, any car, truck, or SUV that can do the quarter mile in 12 seconds is considered fast by nearly every measure. According to speed limit signs in the area, the speed limit is only 25mph. Not only are we talking about the shortest highway in the state, it just might be the slowest too!
ND Highway 91 Speed Limit

Fargo Rep. Laurie Beth Hager, the bill bearer, explained: "The request comes from Harvey city officials who are exploring ideas for developing a mini-tourist attraction." Some of the ideas that have been tossed around include a '91 fun run' or a mini-Harvey marathon,' or (a) 'Get it Done on the 91' sack race."

After passing unanimously in the Senate, the bill was adopted by the House by a vote of 85-to-2.

Signs identifying the road as North Dakota's shortest highway will be in place before you know it. So as you head out on some upcoming trips this summer, and you find yourself close to Harvey, take the time to check out our shortest highway.

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