The City of Williston, at a press conference on Tuesday, announced it's newest City Administrator in Shawn Wenko.

From what started with a nationwide search ended up with two local candidates, Wenko, and Williston Basin International Airport Anthony Dudas to be considered by the position.

Mayor Howard Klug, who lead the press conference noted on the selection of Wenko that, "We thought that the efforts that Shawn Wenko had put into the Economic Development Department (and interim) City Administrator Job was worthy of him leading Williston over the next how many years he wants to stay here."

After being named City Administrator, Wenko shed some light on the process that led to him being selected, of which he stated that candidates had to submit a 1 year plan.  Wenko's plan including laying out the cities $200 million budget, back fill the now vacant position at Economic Development, move property to make big pushes at Williston square.

"I'm excited, It's been a process that's been probably just a little under a year when we first initially started to think about going in for the interim, and getting the interim job December first." said Wenko. Wenko thanked his family who was in attendance, as well as all of his staff at Economic development, as well as the City of Williston.

Wenko has served as the City’s Interim City Administrator since December of 2022.  During his interim time as Administrator, he also served the City’s Executive Director for Economic Development and has worked in this capacity since 2014. Shawn’s career started in 2008 with the City of Willison as the Workforce Development Coordinator.

Shawn has a master’s degree in Tourism Administration (Sustainable Destination Development) from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration from the Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota.

During the Q&A portion of the press conference, Mayor Klug announced that new City Administrator will have an annual salary that starts $175,000.

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