North Dakota is often the butt of jokes, usually pertaining to our population or our midwestern, but video from a 2020 meeting is making the state look insane.

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Excerpts from a 2020 Minot City Council meeting that were recently reposted to TikTok have caught fire on the internet. The video left it's platform of origin and migrated over to Reddit, where it has been filtered through several different subreddits, including r/northdakota.

The TikTok post itself has received nearly 3000 comments, with hundreds, if not thousands, more spread across all other appearances of the 1:30 supercut of what can only be described as a cacophony of interesting takes.

As for the caption on the video saying, "Parks and rec was too accurate," you can judge for yourself:

The crux of the issue at hand was Minot flying a pride flag during Pride Month.

Which brings us to the real burning question that needs to be answered: should parks departments be required to have mayonnaise on all sandwiches found in said parks?

We may look back at what most can agree was a very interesting time in most of our lives, when seemingly any simple topic was an excuse to light a powder keg and air your grievances with those elected to public office. It doesn't soften the cringe many feel when they watch the video and see adults acting as such.

Here is hoping that, in the future, calmer heads will prevail in our state. When contentious issues arise, civil discourse can be just that: civil.

Bonus treat: Here is the entirety of Patton Oswalt's impromptu Star Wars filibuster from Parks and Recreation:

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