TikTok remains a hot topic in the news, and from what one study suggests, North Dakota is not obsessed at all with the popular platform.

Based on Google search data, new research has identified the states that are least interested in using TikTok. North Dakota is among the top ten states least dependent on the well-known app.

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Top TikTok-Related Searches

QR Code Generator QRFY, conducted a statewide analysis of Google search volume for 28 TikTok-related terms, such as "TikTok App," "TikTok dances," and "TikTok songs," to determine which states are the most and least enamored with the Instagram app.

The population of each state was then divided by this volume to ascertain which areas are most addicted and which are not where people are looking for TikTok content.

How Obsessed With TikTok Are We?

The social media app TikTok experienced a sharp rise in popularity in 2019 and 2020, thanks to its tailored algorithm and captivating content. However, according to a recent Surfshark survey, 77.7% of Generation Z users in the US felt glued to swiping through the app.

With an average monthly search frequency per 100,000 citizens ranging from 2,252 to 5,202 depending on the state, it is evident that certain regions of the US are more obsessed with TikTok than others.

Which States are the Least TikTok-Addicted

With the fewest TikTok-related searches, Wyoming takes the top spot as the state least interested in the app. The state is less interested in TikTok than other parts of the country, as evidenced by the 2,252 searches that occur monthly per 100,000 individuals.

Montana is the second least TikTok-obsessed state, with an average of just 2,439 searches per 100,000 residents each month.

Other states that are not enamored with the TikTok craze are South Dakota (2,655 searches), Vermont (2,526 searches), and Idaho (2,666 searches monthly).

With 2,794 monthly searches per 100,000 persons, North Dakota was classified as the seventh least interested state.

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Which States Are the Most TikTok-Addicted?

On the other end of the scale, California ranked as the most TikTok-addicted state which is no surprise given its massive presence of social media influencers and share-worthy shops, restaurants, and beaches.

With an average monthly search volume of 5,202 per 100k residents, California is America’s TikTok hotspot.

In second place, the state of Nevada had a monthly search average of 4,983 per 100k residents, revealing a large proportion of their population find the app particularly addictive.

Ranking in third place, New York had an average of 4,899 monthly searches per 100k residents. The city that never sleeps is up all night watching TikTok.

Georgia follows closely behind in the ranking, with 4,890 monthly searches per 100k people - just nine searches fewer than New York.

In fifth place with 4,872 searches each month per 100k residents, New Jersey has been revealed as another state that is obsessed with TikTok.

How Popular is TikTok?

Overall, the nation reported an average monthly search volume of over 13 million for TikTok-related terms – so it’s clear the app is still a favored choice among Americans. In fact, since the app launched in 2016, it has had an estimated one billion monthly users worldwide.

When it comes to TikTok, do you use it? Do you not use it? Let us know on our social media pages.

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