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On Tuesday night, my friend Tom and I ate at the Williston Brew Company, which is a great restaurant in the center of Williston. We had no idea that our evening would take a turn we didn't expect, which would leave us both moved and very thankful. As we ate dinner and talked about life and who was the better bowler, a wave of kindness swept over us.

To our surprise, our server told us that a kind stranger had paid for our meal without us knowing. We were stunned when we heard the news, and we couldn't help but feel extremely grateful. This chance act of kindness showed what North Dakota nice, or what some people might call Midwest nice, is all about.

People from this area are often called "North Dakota nice" because we are honest and helpful. It's a place where people help each other out and give help without asking anything in return. This kind act by a stranger at Williston Brew Company showed what Midwestern kindness is all about.

We might never find out who was so kind to us, but we will always remember what they did. It was a lesson of how wonderful it is to connect with other people and how a small, kind act can make someone's day.

We want to thank very much the unknown stranger who made the night so special. Your kindness not only paid for our dinner, but it also made us feel thankful. Your kind act was a shining sign of hope in a world that can sometimes feel split. It showed that North Dakota nice is still alive and well. Oh, and I have passed it along as well!

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