We go through a great deal of news daily while working at a radio station every day. The act of reporting on something becomes more meaningful when you are allowed to recognize something exceptional or a member of the community who is making a difference.

Nurses at CHI St. Alexius Health in Williston are being celebrated for their exceptional dedication and compassion with The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Established by The Daisy Foundation, this award acknowledges the outstanding care provided by nurses to patients and their families. The most recent recipient of this prestigious award for the 4th quarter of 2023 is Gloria Fenster from the Same Day Surgery unit.

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Gloria Fenster
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Gloria's exceptional care was highlighted in a heartfelt nomination letter from a patient's wife. The letter commended Gloria for her reassuring demeanor and thoughtful gestures, such as checking on both the patient and his wife before surgery and offering comfort during the waiting period.

The Daisy Foundation was founded in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, inspired by the compassionate care he received from nurses during his illness. The foundation aims to express gratitude to nurses worldwide for their tireless dedication and meaningful impact on patients' lives.

Nurses like Gloria can be nominated by patients, families, and colleagues for the DAISY Award. Recipients are chosen by a committee at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston and honored at special ceremonies. Each honoree receives a certificate, a DAISY Award pin, and a hand-carved sculpture as tokens of appreciation for their extraordinary contributions.

Bonnie Barnes, President and Co-Founder of The Daisy Foundation emphasizes the importance of recognizing nurses for their exceptional work. Lorrie Antos, VP of Patient Care Services at CHI St. Alexius Health, echoes this sentiment, expressing pride in participating in The DAISY Award program.

Beyond recognizing individual nurses, The DAISY Foundation supports the nursing profession through grants for research, evidence-based practice projects, and medical missions. With over 3,900 healthcare facilities and nursing schools participating globally,The Daisy Foundation continues to uplift and honor nurses for their invaluable service. For more information about The Daisy Foundation and its initiatives, visit click here.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Gloria Fenster for being recognized as the recipient of The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses®. Gloria's dedication to providing exceptional care at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and the community alike. Thank you, Gloria, for your unwavering commitment to your patients and their families, and for embodying the values of compassion and excellence in nursing every day. Your contributions make a difference in the lives of those you serve, and your recognition with this prestigious award is well-deserved!

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