Many individuals consider hospitals safe places where they can find comfort and healing when they're sick or injured. However, for many, the notion of being imprisoned behind the sterile walls of a hospital can be anxiety-inducing and fraught with apprehension and uncertainty. However, among all of these anxieties, patients should be least concerned about their safety.

Ensuring the well-being of patients is the primary duty of any healthcare facility, and this involves creating a secure atmosphere. Upon being admitted to a hospital, patients entrust their care to the medical staff and the facilities surrounding them. Patients anticipate receiving careful treatment and recovering without needless danger or injury.

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Recent reporting from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade shows that there are some healthcare facilities in the region that excel and others that are performing average at best.

Hospital gradings are assessed based on five main criteria, which are then broken down into several more specific subsections.

The main grading criteria are: Infections, Problems with Surgery, Safety Problems, Practices to Prevent Errors, and Doctors, Nurses, & Hospital Staff.

In the specific subsections, worse than average, average, and above average marks are assigned; however, hospitals can choose not to submit scores for subsections to "potentially avoid errors."

Hospitals are then assessed a letter grade, just like schoolchildren, of A through F.

In North Dakota, seven hospitals were ranked, with none of them receiving an A letter grade.  It joins Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming as the only states currently without an A graded hospital. Alaska, North Dakota, and Wyoming are the bottom three ranked states in the nation and were also last in 2019

Here are the overall grades for North Dakota hospitals for Fall 2023:

Grade b

Trinity Health
Minot, ND 58701

Grade b

Altru Health System
Grand Forks, ND

Grade c

While not all hospitals are in the grading system, these are by far the largest.  The vast majority of other hospitals in the state are offshoots or children of these seven health care institutions.
Montana's healthcare facilities have made great strides since 2019, jumping up 21 spots to the 9th-best state in the nation.
Of the 10 hospitals graded for Montana, four of them received an A.
Here is how Montana hospitals graded out:
Billings Clinic
Billings, MT
Grade a

Benefis Hospitals
Great Falls, MT
Grade c

While these rankings are the end-all-be-all of how good a hospital is or the kind of care it provides to the patients it helps, they do give an insight into each individual establishment.

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