Because of the guarantee of free expression in this nation, you may feel emboldened to post anything comes to mind on social media platforms. Guess once again. Regardless of what you posted on Facebook, I have video evidence that the FBI can come knocking on your house in North Dakota. This occurs frequently.

A tale about what happened to one American when the FBI took exception to something they posted on Facebook was featured on the Reason website. This has just occurred to a woman called Rolla Abdeljawad in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Federal investigators began pounding on Rolla's door soon after she posted an update on Facebook. The event was recorded on video, which she then uploaded to X.

Regardless of whether you agree with her political statement or not, if the feds can show up at her door over something she said, they can show up at your North Dakota home just like they can yours if I post something that "concerns them".

Reason was informed by the FBI that the individuals who showed up to the home of the Oklahoma woman were indeed agents of the agency, and that this happens frequently. This is what you need. According to the article, Facebook receives 73,956 demands from law enforcement regarding user information, and a whopping 83% of the time, they comply. The FBI informed them that it does not conduct investigations into free speech, but that it has a duty to "protect the constitution" and make sure that no one is harboring "any ill will.".

This almost seems intimidating to me; I can't speak for you. When it comes to protecting the innocent, I will always back law enforcement at all levels. The idea of physically visiting someone's home because they posted a contentious image online sounds extreme, though.

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