It's hard to believe that big-city stuff happens right here in Williston North Dakota. We heard about an issue at Williston Basin International Airport and wanted to bring you the latest.

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After pushing his way into a restricted area of the Williston Basin International Airport, a guy from Williston has been taken into authorities' custody.

It was approximately 8:20 p.m. on Friday, January 26, when the incident took place, as stated in an affidavit.


The Williston Police Department received a call requesting assistance at the airport due to the fact that a man had entered a highly secured and sterile area of the international airport. The suspect allegedly shoved a door open, which resulted in the alarms going off, according to the officers.

The individual was reportedly discovered by the police sitting beside the door that led to the roof. We are unable to determine the reason for his entry into this restricted region; nevertheless, we will update this report in the event that the authorities disclose this information.

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