Another law goes into force on August 1. A new traffic rule requires motorists to drive cautiously when approaching or passing a stationary motor vehicle with hazard lights on. This law improves motorist and roadside worker safety during crises and breakdowns.

Section 39-10-26.3 of the vehicle code requires drivers approaching a stationary vehicle on an interstate or multilane highway outside a city to follow certain rules. If safe, drivers must switch lanes to avoid the stalled car. Consider safety and traffic when performing this technique.
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Drivers must slow down and drive safely when changing lanes is risky or impossible. This assures that motorists prioritize incident victims' safety even if they cannot change lanes.

This law carries a $20 fine and no driving record points. The driver of a stationary motor vehicle must nevertheless follow section 39-10-47's halting requirements and section 39-21-26's lamp restrictions.

This law improves road safety and reduces accidents and injuries. Authorities want to make roads safer by encouraging responsible driving and paying attention to stationary cars with hazard warning lights.

If you drive, you should educate yourself about this new law to comply with law enforcement. Drivers can protect road users by following these rules.

Authorities will conduct awareness campaigns to inform the public about the new law's obligations and ramifications before the August 1 deadline. Motorists must work together to make roadways safer and reduce stationary vehicle hazards.

Starting August 1, 2023, you must move over or slow down when passing a stationary motor vehicle with danger warning lights. Let's work together to make roads safer for all of us.

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