Moving to a different location with someone is a huge, life-changing decision that many people face. One person recently shared their North Dakota-related dilemma on Reddit.

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There are an endless number of reasons why someone wants to move closer to home or to somewhere that is just a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, there are always challenges to packing up your life and moving to somewhere that you are largely unfamiliar with.

One person shared such a dilemma and the baggage that came with it on Reddit

The post came on Reddit's r/AITA from user u/MrPeanutAntiFanClub8:

My husband (39M) grew up in North Dakota and I (34F) was born and raised in Colorado where we reside now.

His parents are constantly on him about moving back to North Dakota. However, he has a nine year old daughter who is still clearly being raised. His parents want us to move to North Dakota so badly they even say things like, "you can't live somewhere for your kid."

They only say that because they despise his daughter's mother because she's the whole reason he settled in Colorado just as he wanted. He tells me all the time that North Dakota had nothing more to offer him and he was ready for that change.

They say this kind of stuff so haphazardly not realizing how much pressure it adds to my husband and our marriage. Additionally, on our most recent trip to see them, they make comments suggesting they might not be alive by the time his daughter graduates from high school in eight years. His father is (67M) and his mother (75F).

His oldest daughter was raised her in Colorado and gets all the praise from them for being so awesome because her dad did an amazing job raising her. That if it weren't for him raising her she wouldn't be who she is today. But when it comes to his youngest, he's told that he can't live in Colorado just for her.

His father then goes on to make more comments saying I wouldn't ever leave Colorado because it is all I've ever known and that will get in the way of them having their son back home.

I think what bothers me is not only that my husband's parents suggest that he move away from his kid so he can make them happy in North Dakota, but it's only about what will make THEM happy. My husband created a life here with a woman he ended up divorcing, had a child, got married to me, and now I'm having to hear all of this toxicity.

His mom and dad are so into themselves and what they want that they will trample over anyone and anything that gets in their way.

AITA that I've gotten to the point where I'm almost tempted to tell him to move to North Dakota and see how it goes for him because I won't be here if he chooses to come back?

Reddit has this one as needing more information before passing the verdict of YTA or NTA.

What do you think?

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