August is a difficult month. You're cramming in last-minute getaways, yard work, and back-to-school shopping. We have it tough as parents! Children, on the other hand, have it even worse. As summer vacation comes to an end, it's time to shift gears and support our children in resuming their school routines. Here are some ideas from the Child Mind Institute.

Establish a Consistent Routine:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that having a consistent daily routine helps children feel safe and prepared for the forthcoming school year. In the weeks leading up to school, gradually modifying bedtimes, wake-up hours, and food routines can help children's bodies acclimate to the new routine. A consistent schedule promotes predictability, which reduces stress and improves a child's willingness to learn.

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Rekindle the Love of Learning:

Child Mind Institute psychologists emphasize the need of reigniting children's excitement for learning before school begins. Engaging in pleasurable educational activities, such as reading together, visiting a museum, or solving puzzles, can assist children in mentally transitioning from leisure-focused summer days to an academically driven mindset.

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Talking With Child


Dr. Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist specializing in child development, suggests here to encourage open discussion about the impending school year. Address any fears or anxieties your child may have, and encourage them to share their emotions. This can help children feel less anxious and more prepared for the new school year. Each child is unique, so your approach should be custom to your child's personality.

Preparing children for the return to school is a lot more than just purchasing school supplies. Parents may prepare their children for a successful return to school by establishing a consistent schedule, kick-starting their passion for learning, and encouraging open communication. These suggestions can help children enter the new school year with excitement and confidence.

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