We’d venture to guess that anyone reading this article has hidden something valuable somewhere in their home. While you may think you found the perfect hiding space for those items, your hiding spot may be more common than you think. They may be the first place a burglar checks while invading your home.

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How Common is Burglary in North Dakota?

The latest report available is from 2022, and it shows 2585 burglaries were reported that year. For a rural state like ours, that's way too many. While police are doing what they can, as homeowners, we need to be two steps ahead all the time. Some people have hiding places where they stash the stuff they want to keep safe from burglars who may invade their North Dakota homes. But are they actually safe?

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center

Reader’s Digest recently talked with Chris McGoey of McGoey Security Consulting and Robert Siciliano, a security analyst with Hotspot Shield. Using information from these two experts, the magazine determined that these are the 10 spots burglars are most likely to check.

  • Under the mattress
  • Bedroom closet
  • Dresser drawers
  • Portable safe
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Freezer
  • Office drawers
  • Vases
  • Liquor cabinet
  • Suitcase

Your safety is my top priority, and I hope that you will never be the victim of one of these crimes against property. Already, you are one step ahead of potential burglars because you are aware of all of this information.

The statistics regarding burglary in North Dakota serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of safeguarding our homes and valuables. As we've learned, even seemingly clever hiding spots may not deter determined burglars. By staying informed about common burglary tactics and taking proactive measures to enhance home security, such as investing in reliable locks and alarm systems, we can significantly reduce the risk of becoming victims of property crime. Remember, being vigilant and prepared is key to protecting what matters most. Let's work together to make our communities safer and more secure for everyone.

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