We took a look at the biggest cities in North Dakota to see which restaurants were the worst reviews on the crowd sourced food review website YELP.

A surprising, or maybe not so surprising fact emerged, that every singe one of the lowest rated eateries were all big chains that dot locations across the state, nation, and globe.

Along with the worst ranked restaurants, we also included a 1 star review detailing a bad experience or the state of the establishment.

Williston - Pizza Hut

"Service is horrible. I ordered ONLY a pack of cinnabons i waited 15 minutes to get here and have currently been waiting for 20 minutes for them. i had already payed so i can't just leave. honestly if i could leave a 0 star rating i would. foods not even that good." - Review by Jessika F

Fargo - Papa Johns

"Worst pizza place in town because an hour later I still did not receive my pizza and then when I call them they just picked up and then hung up the phone without talking to me. So I decided to go over there and I found my pizza on the front step cold and the box was wet I'm sitting out in the snow on my front porch." - Review by Jessica K

Grand Forks - McDonalds

"I was there with another person less than 2 hours ago. The man and woman at the drive up we're friendly . The woman who gave us our food just stared at us and didn't say hello, thank you, nothing . The burgers were incredibly greasy and I had to hold it with three folded ​ stacked on top of each other. The burgers were mushy and very unappetizing . I will not be returning to this McDonald's and I'm not sure if I will be returning to any of them, unfortunately." Review by Vicky G

Jamestown - Subway

"I just spent my whole 45 minutes lunch break in their drive thru. The lady took my order right away but then I sat at the window for 40 minutes before they even took my card and gave me my food." Review by Kendall F

Minot Taco - Bell

"DO NOT GO HERE.  I went and got mexican pizzas for my daughter and myself.  The service was nice but when we took a bite, something was wrong.  There was this horrible, rancid taste.  I assumed maybe they needed to change the oil.  I sent my daughter to take them back.  The first person she talked to was nice and went back to get a manager.  Then, the manager and another manager were rude to her and told her she was wrong there was nothing wrong with them." - Review by Linda C

Dickinson -  KFC

"Went to get a $30 fill up and they didn't have any chicken. Dinner rush hasn't even hit yet. How does a fried chicken place not have chicken? Ridiculous" - Review by Keith B

What do you think? Do you have any negative experiences at any of these places? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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