The legislative session in North Dakota concluded on April 30, 2023, but it was followed by a special session that commenced on October 25, 2023 and concluded on the same day. While the majority of laws passed during the session went into force in August, there were five exceptions, including House Bill 1191 and House Bill 1044, which took effect as we started a brand new calendar on January 1, 2024.

House Bill 1191 stands out as a key development, expanding access to criminal history checks for agencies across the state and the nation. This move aims to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement and related organizations to ensure public safety by providing them with more comprehensive information.

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TSM Media Center

Another notable legislative change is reflected in House Bill 1044, which focuses on the healthcare sector. Under this bill, assistants and registered nurses are now granted the same rights and obligations as physicians within the medical aid program. This significant step ensures a more equitable distribution of responsibilities and rights among healthcare professionals, thereby promoting a more collaborative and effective healthcare system.

If you want you can read more in-depth about each of these new laws below:

House Bill 1191

House Bill 1044

As these laws come into effect on January 1, 2024, they mark a crucial milestone in North Dakota's commitment to enhancing public safety and promoting fairness within its healthcare sector. The recent legislative decisions reflect the state's dedication to staying abreast of societal needs and ensuring its laws evolve to meet the challenges of the times.

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