In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer economics, one thing remains constant: the steady increase in prices. From groceries to gasoline, the cost of living continues its upward trajectory, often outpacing the rate of inflation. Fast food, once hailed as the epitome of affordable dining, is no exception to this trend. However, savvy consumers are finding a solution in an age-old money-saving tactic: coupons.

Recent data analysis by Refermate, a leading shopping platform specializing in coupon codes, sheds light on the increasing popularity of coupons in the fast-food industry. By examining Google search data over the past year, Refermate identified the most sought-after fast food chain coupons nationwide, unveiling intriguing insights into consumer behavior and preferences, and then produced a report indicating what was searched for the most in each state. What did our region look for the most?

Papa John’s Reigns Supreme

When it comes to scoring a deal on pizza, Papa John's emerges as the undisputed champion. With over 3,000 locations nationwide, this pizza giant not only boasts "better ingredients" but also a staggering average of nearly 5 million monthly Google searches for coupons. Dominating in 20 states, including populous ones like Florida and New York, Papa John's holds its position as the go-to destination for pizza lovers seeking value without compromising on taste. The other states that love Papa Johns (based on coupon searches) include Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia

Papa Murphy’s: Love at 425° and Savings on the Side

While not among the top contenders in overall coupon-related searches, Papa Murphy’s still commands attention with an average of 900,000 monthly searches related to coupons. Renowned for its "Love at 425°" concept, this pizza chain emerges victorious in 11 states, notably in its home state of Washington, where it also boasts the highest number of locations nationwide. Other states that loved this popular pizza joint include Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

Subway: A Substantial Deal

Subway, renowned for its customizable subs and fresh ingredients, emerges as a beacon of savings in the fast-food landscape. With approximately 2.5 million monthly searches for coupons, Subway offers enticing deals, including buy-one-get-one-free footlongs and value meal combos. Garnering the top search spot in eight states, Subway continues to attract deal-seeking customers across the nation. The states that searched Subway the most were Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Pizza Hut’s Slice of the Coupon Pie

"No one pizzas like the Hut," and with good reason. Pizza Hut garners an impressive monthly average of 1.9 million coupon-related searches, making it the most sought-after pizza joint in three states: Arkansas, Hawaii, and Kansas. With its diverse menu and widespread popularity, Pizza Hut remains a staple choice for pizza aficionados looking to save.

Wingstop: Clutch Savings on Chicken Wings

In a quest for affordable chicken wings, Wingstop emerges as a saving grace. With 1.5 million coupon-related searches monthly, Wingstop captures the attention of deal hunters in three states: its home turf of Texas, along with California and Nevada. Offering irresistible deals on crispy wings, Wingstop satisfies cravings without breaking the bank.

Dunkin’ Delights: Discounted Indulgences

Dunkin' Donuts, beloved for its robust coffee and delectable munchkins, becomes the crown jewel of savings in two states: Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With over 630,000 average monthly coupon-related searches, Dunkin' reigns supreme as the preferred destination for discounted caffeine fixes and sweet treats.

Panera Bread: Where Affordability Meets Quality

Panera Bread, synonymous with delicious pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and artisanal coffee, attracts deal-seekers with over 700,000 monthly coupon-related searches. Emerging as the top choice in Connecticut and New Jersey, Panera Bread offers a balance of affordability and quality, making it a favorite among budget-conscious diners.

Little Caesars: The King of Savings in Michigan

Rounding out the list is Little Caesars, the pizza chain that reigns supreme in its founding state of Michigan. Garnering over 1.2 million monthly Google searches for coupons, Little Caesars offers unbeatable value without compromising on taste, solidifying its position as the top choice for pizza aficionados in the Great Lakes State.


Refermate first compiled the top 45 US fast-food chains from this year's QSR report, a key source of statistics for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant businesses. The researchers then used Google search data to determine which fast food companies had the most coupon-related searches in the US and in which state. The study examined Google searches for “Papa John’s coupons”, “Papa John’s coupon code”, “Papa John’s promo code”, etc. At least 500 keywords per fast food chain.

In a world where every dollar counts, fast food coupons have become a lifeline for budget-conscious consumers. As prices continue to rise, these discounts offer a welcome reprieve, allowing diners to indulge in their favorite meals without breaking the bank. Whether it's a piping hot pizza from Papa John's or a freshly made sub from Subway, the allure of savings has never been more enticing. So, the next time you're craving a fast-food feast, remember to check for coupons—it might just be the key to unlocking unbeatable savings.


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