North Dakota voters may face a big decision this November, with the possibility of a ballot issue legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and older on the horizon.

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The Secretary of State's office confirmed receipt paper work for the potential ballot initiative.

However, before the initiative can move forward, the secretary of state and attorney general must create a petition title within five to seven business days. Supporters of the initiative have until July 8 to collect just under 16,000 valid signatures to assure its place on the November ballot.

Advocates for the proposed bill point out that it takes a more conservative approach to possession limits than neighboring states like Minnesota and Montana. They highlight requirements based on product type and allow for personal growing of a limited number of plants per household.

The idea tries to address concerns about property rights by forcing renters to obtain formal permission from property owners before cultivating marijuana plants.

In addition, the program establishes daily purchasing limitations, with the goal of striking a balance between accessibility and strict regulation.

North Dakota has previously faced ballot propositions on marijuana legalization, with a statewide effort losing in 2022 and a similar attempt being rejected in 2018. Despite this, medical cannabis is legal in the state.

Proponents of the present attempt point to various benefits of legalizing, including regulatory control over potentially dangerous chemicals and the possibility for tax income creation.

The measure's language was apparently developed in consultation with North Dakota authorities, including the Attorney General's Office and the state Health Department, to ensure consistency with the state's values.

Supporters say that the resources now used to investigate and prosecute marijuana-related offenses should be transferred to more serious drug crises like fentanyl and methamphetamine.

They also emphasize the long-term effects of marijuana convictions on people's housing, education, and employment opportunities, which affect generations of North Dakotans.

While neighboring South Dakota allows medical marijuana but not recreational marijuana, recent legislative changes in Minnesota and Montana have cleared the way for recreational marijuana usage among adults 21 and older.

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