North Dakota state-to-state migration flows released by the Census Bureau based on the 2022 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year estimates show that out of 770,498 residents one year and older, 122,091 relocated within the past year.

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If you've lived in a different residence for at least a year before taking the ACS survey, they consider you to have moved. There were 82,522 movers from other parts of North Dakota, 34,536 from other states in the US, and 5,033 from other countries among individuals who entered or left the state.

When compared to the national state-to-state migration rate of 19.9 percent, North Dakota's immigration rate—the percentage of movers who entered the state as a whole—was substantially higher at 28.3 percent. Nearby states like Minnesota and Montana sent 13,047 and 2,496 residents to North Dakota, respectively. Wisconsin sent 2,376 residents, California sent 1,989, and Texas sent 1,745 residents.

The outmigration rate, defined as the percentage of a state's total movers who leave the state, was 23.2% in North Dakota, with 28,359 people leaving the state. The state lost 10,946 residents, with the majority relocating to Minnesota, 2,791 to Texas, 2,086 to California, 1,540 to Montana, and 1,208 to Wisconsin.

Every estimate is susceptible to non-sampling error and sample variability since it is derived from a survey of a representative sample. If you hover over the visualizations, you can see that the margin of error is shown as (+/-..%). When the margin of error exceeds 70% of the estimate, the data is deemed untrustworthy.

But what about where people are moving to the most in the nation?

In 2023, the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee will have the highest concentration of people moving there from other parts of the country. The emigration rates were highest in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and California. The trends in 2022 are similar to these numbers.

Charlotte, Charleston, and Nashville are just a few of the low-cost Southern cities that are seeing a renaissance as popular vacation spots for families and workers. San Diego, Seattle, and Chicago, which are known for their high housing costs and dense populations, are experiencing a mass exodus.

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