While driving home last night after stocking up at the grocery store, I am driving my usual route home. I came to the stop sign and came to a complete stop. The car in the opposite lane was waiting at the intersection with NO blinker on. I presumed with no signal on, they were going straight. So I proceeded to go straight as the car I was waiting for turned in front of me...and then was kind enough to give me the bird. Now I could have gone on a Facebook rant...but only my friends would see that. So I am doing one better. I have not said anything publicly, but the use of turn signals in Williston is absolutely awful. It's like every vehicle sent to Williston has no turn signals at all. That is not true because mine is a 2022 model, and it has one!

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Turn Signal

I should have known you were turning because of the "off in space" look on your face, or the text you were trying to send while driving (I could see you holding your phone too). I have passed my driver's test, but apparently, I need to work on mindreading. Please forgive me for going straight because there was NO indication you were turning.  You know where this is going.

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TSM Media Center
Car Accident

North Dakota ranks in the top 10 for worst drivers in the nation. After the performance last night, I would have told you we should be number 1! QuoteWizard is a division of LendingTree and they provide insurance for all types of motor vehicles. While we do enjoy reasonable insurance rates, that will change if trends continue.

Are you ready to see where North Dakota landed?

  • 10 - Rhode Island
  • 9 - Hawaii
  • 8 - Arizona
  • 7 - Virginia
  • 6 - North Dakota
  • 5 - Ohio
  • 4 - Wisconson
  • 3 - Iowa
  • 2 - California
  • 1 - Utah

Montana ranked #24 for the worst drivers. On the other side of the conversation, Minnesota came in at #20 for the best drivers, and South Dakota was at #19. Words of advice friends, the turn signals are there for a reason! Fair warning friends, parking in town is coming up next!

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