When I was a kid, I frequently found myself wishing for occasions in which I could communicate my thoughts and have a significant influence on the people in my neighborhood or community How I wish there had been a platform like the North Dakota League of Cities' If I Were Mayor essay contest back then! What a great opportunity to see that today's youth have the chance to participate in such an empowering initiative.


To teachers, I implore you to embrace this contest as a tool for nurturing the civic spirit in your students. Imagine the discussions, the brainstorming sessions, and the pride that will come from seeing your students' ideas take flight. Include all necessary details when submitting entries to ensure your students' voices are heard loud and clear.


Parents, you have a crucial role to play in supporting your children's participation in this contest. Encourage them to dream big, assist them in crafting their essays, and ensure their submissions are complete. Your guidance can make all the difference in helping them articulate their vision for a better tomorrow.

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And students, seize this opportunity with both hands. Whether you submit your essay via email or traditional mail, make sure your voice is heard. Your ideas have the power to inspire change and shape the future of your city. This really is a great opportunity, so I encourage you to try it! Participation comes with benefits beyond money, such as the honor of having your essay published in CITYScan and the chance to meet Williston Mayor Howard Klug.

Essays can be submitted via email to jennifer@ndlc.org or mailed to:

North Dakota League of Cities

410 E Front Ave.

Bismarck, ND 58504

So don't let this chance slip away. Submit your entries before the deadline and be a part of something truly extraordinary. For specifics about the rules and process for submitting essays, click here.

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