Have you ever noticed that homes in North Dakota have specific colored light bulbs on their porch? There is a good reason, and it's not just to stand out from your neighbors.

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More often than not, single-colored porch lights can hold significant meaning. The most popular is blue, although there are a variety of colors for different reasons.

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Blue porch lights are a symbol of support for the police. These porch lights are installed in neighborhoods as a sign of solidarity, in addition to law enforcement personnel.

North Dakota Homes Support Many Causes

Custom LED lights are installed in a lot of residences. Homes may be readily customized with brands like Govee and WiZ, allowing you to alter the brightness and colors right from your phone.

In addition to being able to paint their homes any color they choose, North Dakotans can also design them to support other charities.

The Meaning Behind the Green Porch Light


A green porch light in North Dakota is a gesture of gratitude to US military veterans. As a way of expressing gratitude, many people turn on their green porch lights all year, but especially on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, according to the Association of the United States Army.

You should think about purchasing a green light bulb as a way to help US veterans. We suggest purchasing a smart bulb as a way to demonstrate your support for different causes.

As can also seen during St. Patrick's Day celebrations, one can also spot a green porch light.

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