North Dakota's turn signal legislation will change on August 1, 2023, specifically for roundabouts. NDCC 39-10-16 (4) now requires cars to utilize their turn signals before exiting a roundabout. This proactive measure attempts to improve traffic safety and prevent roundabout accidents.

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Turn Signal Importance

Turn signals help drivers communicate with other drivers. They help other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians predict a driver's next move. Believe it or not, turn signals improve traffic flow, minimizing delays and accidents.

Knowing Roundabouts

Modern traffic engineering favors roundabouts, also known as traffic circles or rotary traffic islands, for their safety and traffic flow benefits. Roundabouts are safer, more efficient, and use less energy than traffic signals or stop signs.

Roundabouts circulate traffic counterclockwise around an island. Vehicles wait for a safe space in traffic before entering the roundabout. Continuous flow reduces stopping and waiting, reducing rear-end collisions.

Roundabout issues

Roundabouts improve safety, but they can be difficult for drivers, especially in congested or inexperienced locations. To be honest, I hate them! When vehicles don't signal, unexpected lane changes or departures might cause accidents.

Updated Law

North Dakota's new roundabout safety law addresses these issues. Drivers must turn right before passing the exit before theirs under NDCC 39-10-16 (4). This simple action lets others know they'll depart the roundabout soon.

Updated Law Benefits

Drivers, pedestrians, and bikers communicate better when exiting in advance. It simplifies roundabout traffic.

Reduced crashes: Properly using turn signals reduces the risk of crashes caused by unexpected lane changes or roundabout exits.

Driver predictability helps pedestrians and cyclists use roundabouts safely.

Increased Awareness of Roundabout Rules: Enforcing the turn signal regulation may help road users comprehend and use roundabouts properly.

North Dakota changed its roundabout turn signal law to improve road safety and traffic flow. The state requires drivers to signal before exiting a roundabout to eliminate confusion, prevent accidents, and make driving more predictable. Remember that a simple turn signal can change your driving.

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