In the Mon-Dak area, we know how important it is to work hard. Working hard is a part of our culture, whether it's taking care of cattle, working in the oil fields, or keeping the house clean. We're very proud of how hard we work. You might be interested in knowing which towns in the US show the same level of dedication. According to a study by WalletHub, the places where people work the hardest have been found.

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According to their findings, the average U.S. worker puts in 1,811 hours per year – 204 hours more than the average in Japan, 279 more than the U.K., and 470 more than Germany. In recent years, many people have switched to working from home, which can end up extending work hours even further. As I said, Americans in general are not afraid to work.

Let's see what some of the hardest-working cities are in our region.

  • #9 - Denver Colorado - Overall Score 73.93
  • #11 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Overall Score   73.82
  • #47 - Fargo, North Dakota - Overall Score 65.52
  • #60 - Billings, Montana - Overall Score 63.48
  • #61 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Overall Score 62.77

WalletHub's study sheds light on the startling hours that Americans put in their work, surpassing global standards. This takes place at the same time that we are investigating which cities in the United States reflect our dedication. Even though we are increasingly working from home, our work ethic has not changed. As a result of the rankings, Denver, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Billings, and Minneapolis have been identified as shining examples of hard work in our region. These cities continue to demonstrate the persistent spirit of laboriousness that exists within our communities.

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