As a radio station, we play a ton of music. We are in the Christmas season...and like it or not, you will hear a lot Christmas music. We all have our favorites, and there are some we do not want to hear for another year!

There are tons of lists you can look at to get a feel for what everyone likes. In my opinion, these are tested songs in big markets. They do not look at things as close as as you and I do. Let's face it, we know what we like, right? While thinking about all of this, I thought I would offer you some of my favorite Christmas songs just in time for the holiday.

10) Christmas Vacation Theme - Mavis Staples

What is not to like about this song? It has such a distinct opening and sound, you can't help but smile when it starts. This song is at the beginning of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie. It's not the Christmas season until you get to hear this fun song.

9) Christmas Medley - Floyd Cramer

There is not a piano player around that can keep up with Floyd Cramer. He has made musical magic for years, and he adds his unique sound to this medley. He has a bunch of Christmas music out there, but the one I am talking about is this. It has Silver Bells, Winter Wonderland, Up On the Housetop and Jingle Bells. The way his fingers dance on the keys is effortless, and you can hear his distinct sound and his passion in every second of the song.

8) Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives

This is another song that you can't help but smile when you hear it. It's Burl Ives. This song was released in 1965, and it remains timeless today. You may think that Burl wrote the song, but he did not. Johnny Marks is credited with penning this classic holiday tune. The song is snappy and fun, and you can't help but sing along with Ives' warm, mellow voice.

7) Silent Night - George Jones

It wouldn't be a music list of mine if I didn't include George Jones. When you hear anyone talk about George, they always talk about the emotion he has in all is music. This is a great song, and Jones does it effortlessly. I remember getting this album as a give-away with a jeans purchase way back when, and was surprised they included him. Take a listen, and you will definitely know why they did.

6) Little Saint Nick - Beach Boys

It's December. We are knee deep in winter! Why not warm up with the Beach Boys? Anyone that is close to me knows that I LOVE the Beach Boys. To this day, I can't pin point why. Is it the harmonies? Is it the writing or music? This song was released back in 1963, and it's just a fun, light-hearted song to bring more holiday cheer your way.

5) Santa Medley - Anne Murray

There is something about Anne Murray's voice that leaves me amazed every time I hear her sing. This particular song is so well done. The way they arranged all the songs is amazing, and her warm alto voice is perfect. Listen when she sings this song, and you will hear all the emotions in her voice as she sings us into Christmas with Santa.

4) One Christmas Eve Long Ago - Eddy Arnold

Eddy cut this song in his later years. In my mind, it is the perfect Christmas song. No presents, no tree, no fancy lights. He gets to the true meaning of the holiday with his simple, but powerful voice as only the Tennessee Plow Boy could do. Every part of this is expertly executed.

3) It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble

Where do I even begin with this song? Buble's voice is so seasoned, it just sounds like the song was meant for him. He does a great job making this particular tune his own while still keeping the appeal of the song.

2) Merry Christmas - Ed Sheeran/Elton John

I love everything about this song. There is so much talent with Ed Sheeran and Elton John. The fact that Elton still makes songs with the younger artists shows how much he truly still loves doing all this. It's a fun song that provides great holiday vibes. Merry Christmas everyone!

1) Oh Holy Night - John Berry

If I could carry tune, I would strive to sing like this guy. Berry's vocal tone and range is awe-inspiring on this particular song. I look forward to this time of year because I can finally hear it. Listen for yourself, and enjoy this version by John Berry.

I hope some, or all of these songs make their way to your Christmas playlist. Fun, seasonal, or just plain good, it's all covered here. Merry Christmas!

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