There is a change at McDonald's restaurants, and with how people react to the slightest inconvenience, it will be a big deal.

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All McDonald's restaurants in the United States, including those in North Dakota, will no longer have self-service beverage dispensers.

For many years, patrons of McDonald's could replenish and fill their drinks using machines, eliminating the need for several trips to the cashier.

However, the end is nigh!

The Chicago-based fast food chain plans to eliminate self-served soda, according to The Associated Press.

Why is McDonald's making this change?

The company said the reason for the change is to create consistency for customers and crew members across the chain’s offerings, but it’s not clear if factors like finances or sanitation played a part in the decision to ditch the self-serve machines.

While some restaurants around the country have started implementing the change, it’s not clear when that will happen for North Dakota locations.

According to 247 Wall Street, there are only 24 McDonald’s locations in North Dakota, the fewest in the nation.

Self-serve soda machines have already been removed from several sites, as customers have noted on social media.

According to CBS News, a user on X, the old name for Twitter, said that their frequent McDonald's had recently undergone this modification. The client claimed that after asking a staff member for a refill, it took more than five minutes to receive their drink.

"If they had them I could have refilled it myself in less then [sic] 30 seconds," the person wrote.

Some on social media wondered how they'd be able to create unique beverages by mixing different sodas, with one user posting, "say goodbye to hybrid drinks."

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