With historic and unprecedented events unfolding this afternoon in New York City with the arraignment of former President Donald Trump, 660 KEYZ will have live anchored coverage of the proceedings from ABC News.

We anticipate beginning live coverage to begin around 12:00pm cst, and plan to stay on the air, without breaks, until mid-afternoon. This coverage will include a discussion of charges, once they’re unsealed, and possible news conferences in NYC.

Here is what we know about the expected arraignment.

Trump left Florida shortly after noon ET on Monday and landed at New York’s LaGuardia airport around 3:30 p.m. ET. The former president will stayed at Trump Tower Monday night and is expected to depart New York immediately after Tuesday’s arraignment to head back to Florida.

The Secret Service, the New York Police Department and the court officers are coordinating security for Trump’s expected appearance. The Secret Service is scheduled to accompany Trump in the early afternoon to the district attorney’s office, which is in the same building as the courthouse.

Trump will be booked by the investigators, which includes taking his fingerprints. Ordinarily, a mug shot would be taken. But sources familiar with the preparations were uncertain as to whether there would be a mugshot, because Trump’s appearance is widely known and authorities were concerned about the improper leaking of the photo, which would be a violation of state law.

after defendants are arrested, they are booked and held in cells near the courtroom before they are arraigned. But that won’t happen with Trump. Once the former president is finished being processed, he’ll be taken through a back set of hallways and elevators to the floor where the courtroom is located. He’ll then come out to a public hallway to walk into the courtroom.

Trump is not expected to be handcuffed, as he will be surrounded by armed federal agents for his protection.

By the afternoon, Trump is expected to be brought to the courtroom, where the indictment will be unsealed and he will formally face the charges. After he is arraigned, Trump will almost certainly be released on his own recognizance. It is possible, though perhaps unlikely, that conditions could be set on his travel.

Ordinarily, a defendant who is released would walk out the front doors, but Secret Service will want to limit the time and space where Trump is in public. So instead, once the court hearing is over, Trump is expected to walk again through the public hallway and into the back corridors to the district attorney’s office, back to where his motorcade will be waiting.

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