Just how happy are we in North Dakota? We know how good it is up here. We have our share of challenges, but each state does. We work hard and play hard.

WalletHub examined the 50 states based on three essential criteria to identify the happiest states in America: 1) Physical and emotional health; 2) the workplace; and 3) the community and environment.

The 30 significant metrics that were used to evaluate those aspects are provided below with the accompanying weights. Each parameter was scored out of 100, with 100 reflecting the highest level of happiness. To rank-order the sample, they calculated each state's total score by taking the weighted average of all of its indicators. Their analysis is based on the results of the research mentioned below, all of which have shown a connection between the data and happiness. I struggled with algebra, so you can see how things added up here.

So how did our region fair after the numbers were tallied?

#29 - Montana

#13 - North Dakota

#12 - South Dakota

# 3 - Minnesota

Montana surprised me. With all the state has to offer, it should have scored higher. People, sights, environment, and community are all strong in Montana. When I was reading where the rest landed, I knew the midwest would score high. If the interview were conducted after the winter we just went through, things might be way different!

Happiest States - 2023

The second happiest state in the nation is Maryland, and the happiest state is Hawaii! I understand why. I have never been there, but knowing it's the happiest state, makes me want to go now! Do you agree with the published report? Drop me an email with your thoughts. Here is my email address - scott.haugen@townsquaremedia.com.

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