"I Love You!"  Three little words that pack a punch.

Say them too quickly in a new relationship, and you could find yourself all alone on Valentine's Day.  That's right, nothing scares away a potential love interest quicker.

However, wait too long before you say "I Love You" in a new relationship, and it could have the opposite effect.

Believe it or not, (there's a study for everything these days) the data has been crunched on how quickly North Dakotans say those three little words.

According to Forbes Health, as it turns out, North Dakota is pretty quick to jump the gun when it comes to saying "I Love You".  36% percent of North Dakotans say "I Love You" within the first three months of dating.  That's good for the 5th fastest in America.  YIKES!  That seems way too early to me.

Arizona came in at #1 and is the fastest at 46% confessing their love within the first three months of dating.  Followed by Massachusetts (43%), Connecticut (41%), California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Virginia all tied for 4th (37%), and North Dakota and Washington tied for 5th (36%).

How about our neighboring states when it comes to saying "I Love You"?

South Dakota is in our league, (32%) saying "I Love You" within the first 3 months., Montana is at (28%) and Minnesota is the lowest at (26%).

I personally think you are pretty much cray cray if you say "I Love You" sooner than 6 months into a new relationship.  That would be my benchmark.  You have more to lose by saying it too soon than you do to gain.  Just my 2 cents from your radio "love" Doctor.  Now go procreate, it's Valentine's Day.

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