Have you noticed an uptick in California license plates over the last year in North Dakota?

I know I have, especially here in the Capital City.  Why would that be?  Who would want to give up the sun, sand, ocean, and warmer weather for the northern plains of North Dakota?

I for one.  I can have an opinion on this subject since I spent two long years living in California.  Although people called it a paradise (Santa Barbara), all I could ever think of was how can I get back to North Dakota.  I would even dream about it.

Yep, California life just wasn't for me.  I'm a born and raised North Dakotan and it's what I know and love.

I'm not the only one, as it's well-documented that California is seeing a mass migration out of the state.

According to the Orange County Register, about 750,000 people moved out of the state in 2020 and it's been continuing every year since.  Although North Dakota is certainly not the state most Californians are flocking to, we are seeing some of their people taking up residency in the Peace Garden State.

Why the mass exit out of California?  According to Borwitz & Clark, some of the reasons include:

* Tired of paying such high taxes.

* Housing shortages and the overall high cost of housing.

* High unemployment.

* Tired of dealing with natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, and drought).

Whatever the reason, Californians are coming and I thought I would put together a list for them of what to expect when moving to North Dakota.

Welcome to North Dakota and we hope you find it "legendary".  Now, don't try and change it!

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