Thirty years ago, a lot of us were fancying ourselves as amateur coin collectors when the United States Mint issued 50 different state quarters over a ten-year period.

That led to a bit of a scavenger hunt every time you got coins for change, as you tried to assemble your own collection of all 50 states.

Now decades later, it turns out some of those coins are worth a lot more than just 25 cents.

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Minnesota State Quarter
United States Mint

One of those is the state quarter of Minnesota.

According to Ned Ludd Coins, the average, run-of-the-mill 2005 quarters from the North Star State go for between 46 cents and $5.84. But there is a rare one out there that can command 1,000 times the original value.

If you happen to come across one with an extra tree on the back, it could fetch you $275. In order to find it, check the area just to the right of the smallest tree to see if there is a small series of lumps. If so, you've got one of the 'extra tree' coins.

And while $275 back on your 25-cent investment is impressive, it's chump change compared to a couple of rare coins from two of Minnesota's neighboring states.

Wisconsin State Quarter
United States Mint

In Wisconsin, it's all about the leaves on a cornstalk.

If you've got an extra high leaf on the back of your 2004 Wisconsin quarter, you could get up to $2,530. But if that extra leaf is low, the value jumps to a whopping $6,000!

Over in North Dakota, there is a 2006 quarter out there that was struck on a steel washer and is worth $8,625.

Want something more valuable yet? Head to the Northeast where a 1999 New Jersey quarter struck on a planchet intended for use in another country is worth $13,200.

That's also the going rate for a 2000 New Hampshire quarter that was accidentally struck with a Lincoln penny.

South Dakota State Quarter
United States Mint

So will you find any hidden gems with South Dakota's and Iowa's quarters?

Iowa State Quarter
United States Mint

Not really.

The 2006-issued coin from the Mount Rushmore State will only get you as much as $2.33, while a 2004 quarter from the Hawkeye State tops out at $3.38.

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