The Williston Community Builders is an organization dedicated to finding ways to improve Williston and make it better and more inclusive for everyone.

Their Community Garden is a heartfelt project spearheaded by former Williston Community Builders president Nick Lippert, and witnessing it blossom into reality is truly remarkable. It's a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors, enjoy the outdoors, and celebrate the start of something green and beautiful in our community.

Come celebrate the opening of the Williston Community Builders community garden with a Williston Area Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony!

Date: Friday, May 17
Time: Noon
Location: 815 Highland Dr E, Williston (Directly East of the Jimmy John's parking lot, off of East Dakota Parkway!)

What to Expect:

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Be there at noon for the official ribbon cutting with local leaders and community members.
  • Garden Tours: Explore the garden plots and see the layout.
  • Meet Fellow Gardeners: Connect with other community members who share a passion for gardening and sustainability.

Community Builders member Fallon Justice dropped by the Big Butt Morning Show recently to spill all the details about the exciting new venture.

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Available Garden Plots:

Various sizes of plots are available to rent. There are 16 rectangular plots available for $40 piece the growing season, 24 hexagons for $30 a piece the growing season, and 14 triangles for $25 a piece the growing season. A single gardener can reserve up to three plots.

  • Plant Whatever You Want: Flowers, fruits, vegetables—you name it!
  • Perfect for Those with Limited Space: This is for people who don't have room for a garden at home.
  • Running Water and Hoses: They've got you covered with access to running water and hoses.
  • Your Garden, Your Responsibility: Rent the planters and take charge of keeping them up.

To celebrate kicking things off, they're offering a special deal for this first year: as a thank you for joining, you'll get the first month free with the option to buy two more months!

This community garden is not just a great asset to Williston—it's a way to bring our community together, promote healthy living, and make our city even more vibrant.

For more information or to reserve your plot, visit the grand opening or contact the Williston Community Builders.

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