Welcome to autumn. You've got your sweater and your pumpkin spiced everything. All you need now is the perfect fall setting to fully enjoy the season.

But which states are the most festive for fall?

LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Best States to Visit This Fall. They looked at a number of things including fall foliage, scenic drives, fall festivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes to compile a list of the best states to visit this fall.

According to the study, California received the best overall score. The Golden State narrowly beat out New York, Washington, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The lowest score is Louisiana.

Other states

North Dakota lacks the fall spirit, coming in at #27 overall, and is rated the worst for hiking because it has the fewest hiking trails. North Dakota is also the least camping-friendly, and there aren't many scenic drives.

Not surprisingly, Minnesota and Montana ranked fairly high on the list.

Only one state in the top 10—Minnesota, at No. 9—placed in the top seven in the safety category. Additionally, the state enjoys a harmonious combination of beautiful scenery, fun events, and protection from hurricanes and wildfires.

So what about Montana? The Big Sky state is in the top 20 at number 16. And there's no shortage of corn mazes. Montana has the 3rd most corn mazes per 100,000 residents. Vermont has the most, followed by New Hampshire.

I hope you get out and enjoy some fall activities. There's lots of fun things to do.

Go leaf peeping, take a camping trip, venture into a haunted house, carve pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, do a fall photo shoot, or spend a day apple picking.

The chaos of the holiday season will be here soon as will the cold and snow, so enjoy the treats of fall.

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