'Whisker Wednesday' on Dakota Country 96.1 highlights an adorable feline, ready to find its forever home. I am a huge advocate for adopting animals from local rescues and shelters. Adopting saves lives.
I'd like to tell you about Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch's Cat of the Week - Smokey.
Smokey transferred from the city pound to ARRR in the fall of 2021. This soft grey kitty loves to have your attention, and she will gladly jump up on your shoulder to get it! Smokey will likely get along with dogs, although she does NOT like other cats. Smokey is a young adult, full of personality. She is spayed and up to date on vaccines.
Smokey and all of the cats at ARRR Rescue are spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. If you have room in your home and in your heart, please adopt an ARRR cat.
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As a non-profit rescue, they very much appreciate any community donations and support. Cat supply donations are taken at Tractor Supply in Williston.

For adoptions and donations Click on the link below.

Smokey, ARRR Rescue Cat of the Week

Gallery Credit: Mad Max

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