It was Labor Day weekend. I really tried to relax on Sunday and Monday so Saturday was my active day.

I went to Sidney in the morning to check out the new mural at Pizza House on South Central Avenue. The mural was painted by Multiple Impressions. It's so colorful and fun! The intention is to take pics with it, so of course I did. Be sure to tag The Sidney Chamber in YOUR posts.

After Sidney, I went to Alexander to check out the 78th Annual Old Settler's Day activities. This year's event was in honor of Walt & Susan Link.

I had never been to Old Setter's Day before. I got to watch the parade and shop some vendors, plus I had a cheeseburger lunch in the park and then I went to the Lewis & Clark Trail Museum for the first time.

The Lewis & Clark Trail Museum is located in the old Alexander High School. Each room on the 3 floors houses some really cool antiques. You can learn a lot about McKenzie County history.

There's multiple buildings next to the school to go through too with lots of things to see. I highly recommend visiting the museum if you haven't before. I was glad that I did.

The Lewis & Clark Trail Museum is closed for the season, but you can still enjoy tours of the museum. Check them out on YouTube.

Thanks for checking out my Labor Day Weekend in 5 Pics.

Mad Max's Labor Day Weekend in 5 Pics

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